Friday, December 15, 2006

Ms Dewey and serious stuff

I heard at ms dewey the other day on NPR. The woman makes silly comments after every search that you type. For a while I thought of funny or crude things to type in to hear her response, but then I thought "How about things that you can't joke about?" My most successful entries for getting the most inappropriate comment was "child abuse." and then "genecide." For child abuse, she said something about loving shopping. For genecide, she said that she couldn't talk about it because her hands were tied and turned around and showed her tied hands. The genecide one perhaps is worse because it sounds like a poor joke someone might actually make, where as the child abuse one seemed to show that it just didn't seem to understand what child abuse was.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Picture crazy

I have been working on this picture project for quite a while. I have been scanning old family photos and recently I got a new digital camera and have been taking new ones. As I look at some of the pictures, I wonder what was going on in my life at the time? What was going on in my mind? Why would I take a picture like that? I wish that I had made almost a diary of the pictures to explain why the picture was taken, who that person was who I guess I never thought I would forget who he or she was.

This is not a new thought for me but I have often wondered how many people's photo albums that I am in. Think of all of the people standing in the background of your pictures on vacation and theme parks. You're in someone else's photo album.