Saturday, October 28, 2006

If the CD is dead resurrect it!

I was reading the drudgereport this morning and saw this article saying that an EMI executive said that the CD was dead.

I know that I always have my little conspiracy theories, but I just don't trust "The Man" to say what it really means. I believe that the reason that record executives are so excited about the demise of the CD is that they can control the content more easily. I have only downloaded maybe 10 items from the internet and dealing with the digital rights management crap is a pain in the rear. I'm not boot legging this stuff and making a killing in China, but if anything goes wrong in the transfer to my MP3, it's annoying to have to re-register and do all the other junk you have to do. If I copy the music off a CD, I don't have to deal with that crap. I can put the music on all my players, no one needs to know, and I don't have to worry if I mess something up will I have to work for 3 days to be able to listen to the music again.

On a less cynical note, I enjoy buying a CD for the fact that I won't know every song. Some of the best songs are b-sides and often some of best music is unpromoted because execs think that the public can't handle it. I think of Genesis on this one. Genesis's best music has never been played on the radio. If I hadn't bought the CD, I wouldn't know it existed.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Election Wishes

You know those voters guides that every special interest group puts out at election time? Don't you wish that you could publish your own. I know that someone might respond "You can, idiot," but I mean one with real answers from the candidates rather than someone's interpretation of all of their statements and votes. Maybe some questions that would seem inappropriate questions should be included like:

1. Will you actually make your running platform goals priorities, or will you just move on to something else when others oppose you long enough?
2. Do you think the question "Have you ever gone to the Gymnasium?" is an appropriate question for congressman to ask a minor?
3. Will you say the sun is the moon just to frustrate members of the other political party?
4. Will you just admit the silly, rude, stupid, dangerous, and possibly criminal things you have done so we can worry about more important things? Attach extra sheets as necessary. (I think that the American public and politicians can be very hypocritical in this area.)
5. So you say you go to church, huh. I want an attendance report signed by your minister. I also want an explanation of how every past vote you have made fits in line with your belief system.
6. For state politicians-Would you support a law requiring individuals 70 and above to have an driver's license examination if they desire to keep their license?
7. For federal politicians-Would you support an annual paint ball tournament to determine the agenda of your legislative body?

Friday, October 20, 2006

Democratic Conspiracy II

I really like Joseph Lieberman. I think that Al Gore held back him from becoming vice president. I think that by Lieberman running as an independent, the Democratic party has tricked Republicans for voting for a Democrat. I really admire that move.

Monday, October 16, 2006

The daily grind

I remember growing up that it seemed that my family was basically able to enjoy themselves after 7 PM. All of the chores, dinner, and anything else were basically done. Only homework could impair the freedom of the evening. While I was in college, I longed for the time when life would calm down long enough to just relax. I when from college to being a church music minister and I worked strange hours working all of the rehearsals that I had. I still longed for relaxing evenings. Now for the most part, I don't work as much as a used to, but rarely are things calm at least before 8 PM. A good part of my relaxing time is spent worrying about what I could be doing. I wonder did my parents feel as free as I felt at 7 PM or did they have things going on that I didn't even realize. I have realized that the things that I have guilt me into feeling guilty about not using them as much as I should. Strange sentence but true.