Monday, April 16, 2007

Going to Church

I have been visiting this church for the past few months. I originally intended to visit several churches, but when I first visited the church, I had such a wonderful time of just being with God in the service. It was something that I had longed for for several years. The pastor preaches in a way that meets my standards for intellectual stimulation. The music is pretty good. The theological leanings of the church match my thoughts. I first started going there hoping and expecting that I would know no one there, but it seems like there is no place to hide and I don't care because everything is so good. The only negative thing that I have found is that while there are a few friendly people, most are pretty unfriendly. I am not talking not be particularly friendly; I'm talking like pretending you don't exist.

I miss my old church quite a bit. There, for the most part, everyone was friendly. The church while perhaps not as satisfying in some areas, always made me feel welcome from the first day. (I am no longer attending that church for reasons that have nothing to do with the church.) At the church where I am attending, I actually had someone who already knew me say, "If I had recognized you, I would have shook your hand." To my knowledge there is not a church that has classes teaching people how to make new people feel more comfortable, but there should be one.

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