Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Vacation Day 2

I went to Radnor Lake, but this time I took my dog with me. I wasn't sure that he would be able to walk that far because of his age, but I figured that I could carry him some of the way. It was an absolutelyy beautiful morning.

In the afternoon, I went to the eye doctor. There is nothing amazing about that except that instead of measuring the pressure in my eye with puffs of air, he put drops in my eyes and touched the front of my eyes with a probe. It was pretty darn freaky. The drops made my eyes and the muscles around my eyes numb.

In the evening, I went downtown to hear Emmanuel Ax and Edgar Meyer. It was pretty awesome. I was in the front row right. Edgar Meyer grunts alot alot when he is playing bass. Just an observation. I don't know that the audience fully appreciated the music that they heard. First I have to say, I hate classical radio, because all they play is crap, and to be able to hear something other than Mozart sleepytime music is an amazing reminder that classical is still cool no matter what 200 hundred old musty crap they put on the radio. I almost wanted to just turn around and lead the audience in clapping or the wave or something just to get them to clap louder. Don't you know that the cool stuff comes in the encores!, but alas I had restraint and only clapped louder and longer than most.

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redbeardtn said...

I totally couldn't take the thing poking me in the eye. My eye doctor tried about four times and I freaked each time. Finally, they just said, "hey, if you have glaucoma, just let us know."